So Low

Containing everything from simple versions of Cornish favorites to Pop, Blues and even Surf music.  Everyone's sure to find something they like on this one.


LIST OF TRACKS: (Click a title to hear a MP3 sample)

Because I'd Be at Home - An original song about the longing to return to Cornwall that all who leave there feel.

As Eve Was Walking - A new translation (Thanks Navan) of an ancient Cornish song about Adam and Eve.

The West Coast of Illinois - A double homage to my Home State and to one of my musical idols, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.

The White Rose - A Cornish favorite, performed without embellishment, from the heart.

Cousin Jack - Written by the great Harry (Safari) Glasson - Dean of contemporary Cornish Songwriters.  Thanks to the studio, Robert Rose and I have become a male voice choir!

He Seems O.K. - An ironic sortie in the Battle of the Sexes.  I play all instruments on this one.

Flora Day - May 8th, every year in Helston.  A wonderful day of celebration of the return of Spring.  I was there in 2002 and wrote a song (well - the words at least) about it.  

Palmettos and Pines - A song I wrote as an excuse to have the great "Mouse" Morehouse play his pedal steel guitar for me once more.

A CORNISH NAME SONG - An old Texas tune with words to warm a genealogist's heart.

Move Your Feet - A Blues number I wrote just for the fun of it.

Hal-An-Tow - A rendition of a very very old traditional Cornish  street song.  Anybody who's been to Flora Day will know what the whistles are in it for.

Fire in the Heart of the City - I'm from Chicago, and this is my song to my city.



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