Reasons why some other Celtic communities have trouble with the Cornish



Their bands don’t all play deedle-deedle and have odd instruments in them.  Plus they look funny.


(Sometimes their bands look downright adorable – couldn’t resist!)




Their bagpipes have the wrong number of chanters.


The Cornish are so extremely cool that you seldom know if they’re joking or not.


They have been doing some very strange things for centuries and if you ask them “Why?” they look at you like you’re insane.


They’ve got these things sticking up all over the place and don’t seem to mind.  In fact, they like them.


They sometimes wear solid black kilts.  (See also the bit about bands.)


They know that “Doc Martin” is B.S.


They know what this means.  (And you don’t)


Nobody else can understand them when they speak.  They don’t care.


Some of them dress like this - right out in public. (The Welsh and Bretons get this one.)