Various and sundry pix of me (Has this bearded fool got an Ego Problem?) at locations in Cornwall and elsewhere.  Many thanks to all who took and sent them.
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With Bert Biscoe

Visiting St. Piran's Oratory

Singing at Perran Round

My van from space
(USGS satellite imagery

In Bardic Ceremony
Dehwelans 2004
(From Cornish World)

Procession, Cornish Gathering at Bowmanville, On.
(From Cornish World)

About to be barded at Falmouth, 2002
(From Cornish World)

At the Celtic Nations Heritage Fest in "The Big Easy"

In concert-Dehwelans '04, Falmouth

At Peran Round again with Merv and Alison Davey in foreground
(Note the Cornish bagpipes!)

Looking pleased if rather fuzzy.

Carrying the flag at Mineral Point WI. in 2006.
(I'm the beard wearing the cap.)
Photo from Cornish World

Singing Alfresco at Central Mine, Michigan July 2007 (Photo by Dave Thomas)

Getting my sea (well - lake) legs on Lake Superior  
(Photo by Cathy Wearne)

With my fellow Bards, lurking among the trees.
(Photo by Y. Bowers)

Holding forth indoors at Calumet
(Photo by J. Powell)


Bards in procession - more of a disorganized retreat, really - at Central Mine

Leaning on my guitar at Central Mine (Somebody tell this guy about the laws of Physics!)

Checking my notes on stage at Mineral Point, Wisconsin at Cornish Days 2007.