In Britain and elsewhere, objects resembling the pictures below are being foisted upon an unsuspecting public as "Cornish Pasties."

Do not be deceived!  Such things are not pasties, and certainly not Cornish.  Their origin is unknown, their contents highly questionable, and their appearance appalling.  From these pictures, their size is hard to determine, but seems to be negligible.   One, I am informed, is marketed through a major British supermarket chain.  Both are representative of items found in some English pubs.

These objects are not Pasties!

To see representative pictures of the genuine article, simply point your mouse at the pictures below. (You may need to "allow scripts or ActiveX controls.")  The difference will be obvious and delicious.


This web site will take no responsibility for any Pasty Cravings induced by viewing the genuine pasties, nor will it re-imburse viewers for fuel expended in traveling from Pasty-free locations (such as here I live, unfortunately) to Pasty-intensive areas (such as the U.P.) in search of the genuine article.


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