Announcing a new adventure starring Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes!

The Adventure of the Old Campaigners
by James R. Wearne

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This is a new story, set in the Classic Sherlockian mode, narrated by Dr. Watson.  It begins in the staid confines of a London Club, and ends up in the heart of Africa.  Along the way the reader will encounter gunplay, intrigue, kidnapping, state secrets, courtesans, Japanese mystics, African nobles, and some of the most surprising supporting players in any of Dr. Watson's memoirs. 

The story starts with a chance meeting, after many years, of two old friends; Dr. Watson and Colonel Hugh Pickering.  Pickering, of course, is the very same as may be met in Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion.  As the mystery unfolds, we encounter Professor Henry Higgins, and his wife, the former Eliza Doolittle.  The plot, as it develops, centers around the search for someone from Eliza's past (from her days as a flower-seller) who seems to have been sold into white slavery.  The old friends (and Old Campaigners) Watson and Pickering  are led by Eliza in a chase that ultimately leads to a very surprising place and a danger-filled climax.  Holmes and Higgins have vital parts in the unraveling of the multi-layered mystery, which involves secrets at the highest level of the British Government.

It's a great read for Sherlockians, mystery fans and anyone who enjoys a good story!

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