Howl Lowen


LIST OF TRACKS:  (Click a title to hear a MP3 sample)


1. Padstow Mayday
    A version of the traditional May Day song (to sing the whole thing would take most of the day)

2. It's Almost the Year 2000*
Wasn't a lot of stuff supposed to have happened by now?

3.One Morning in Spring
A lovely old song, with help from one of my favorite singers.

4.The Tale of Peter Tregenna (part 1)*
A semi-magical tale of the Merry Maidens

5. Follow the Music Home*
Pure post-Hippie sentiments with an Island flavor.

6. Don't Be Stupid*
A plea for moderation and common sense.

7 Maggie Mae
A fine old sentimental Cornish song.

8. The Tale of Peter Tregenna (part 2)

9. Kick Your Blues Around*
A song of friendship.

10. Delyow Syvy
A tale of courting and seduction, sung in Cornish.

11. For You*
A love song- who it's about is nobody else's business.

12. We're All Africans*
We all came from the same place (and we're sure all going to end up in the same place) so let's try to get along.

13. The Tale of Peter Tregenna (part 3)

14. A Song in the Wind*
My "Moody Blues" number.

* Original.  The rest are traditional.




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