Half (give or take) of this CD is made up of recordings done at the Weeroona Hotel in Wallaroo, South Australia.  I was lucky enough to be invited to perform at the Kernewek Lowender festival in 2013.  I had a wonderful time and I discovered that the Australians (the ones I met, anyway) are a warm, generous, welcoming lot with a great sense of humor.  Actually, I’m rather counting on the “great sense of humor” part.  You will see what I mean if you listen.

The rest were recorded in my home-from-home, Peregrine Recording in Elmhurst, Il, aided and abetted by the redoubtable Robert Rose who runs the joint.  He’s cool.

The studio songs are more about my relationship with Cornwall.  Some are funny (I hope,) some are angry and some are just for the hell of it.  I learned about writing songs “For the Hell Of It” from the fine Australian songwriter Shane Potter.  Check him out on YouTube!

The “Live” ones are also to be found on other CDs and are presented here as field recordings (mistakes and all) so as to have a record of what in the world I sound like out of the studio.

I hope you enjoy this CD.  I enjoyed making it, and will always remember with affection and gratitude my hosts and friends in South Australia.



The Studio cuts