Here's a list of some of my upcoming performances- I hope you can come!


September 18, 2010 -  Mad Celt Fest - Madison Wisconsin

November 19 - 21, 2010 - Celtic Nations Heritage Festival - Lake Charles, La

March 7, 2011 - At The Coaching Inn, St. Columb Major, Cornwall (Sharing a set or two with An Dyskenn) Time: Probably after a couple of pints of Doom Bar!
This will take place on the very eve of the St. Columb Hurling.  Town Ball!

August 12, 2011 - Pub Night, Pendarvis historic site, Mineral Point, Wisconsin.  Time TBA, but it will be, as they used to say, "Long Toad Evenin' " (Along toward evening.) Come and sing along, and be prepared to take the mic and sing a Cornish song or two of your own!





Here are some of the places I've been-

The Star Inn, St. Just-In-Penwith, Cornwall********

Princess Pavilion, Falmouth, Cornwall*****

Celtic Nations Heritage Festival********

WFMT Radio- Midnight Special *****WFMT Radio- Studs Terkel Program

BBC Radio Cornwall***** Celtic Festival Chicago***** Fox Valley Folk Festival******

Oatlands Celtic Festival ****** Warrenville Folk Festival******

Downers Grove Heritage Festival ******

Cornish Days - Mineral Point, Wis.*********

The 9th Gathering of Cornish Cousins- Ely, Mn. **********

The 10th Gathering of Cornish Cousins- Pen Argyl, PA.

The 11th Gathering of Cornish Cousins- Mineral Point, Wi.

The 12th Gathering of Cornish Cousins- Bowmanville. On.

13th Gathering of Cornish Cousins - Mars Hill, NC

14th Gathering of Cornish Cousins - Calumet, MI

Two Way Street Coffee House ************

Maple Street Chapel ********* None of the Above****

Burlington Espresso ******* Coffee Cup *********Heads Up***

Something's Brewing ********** Global Cafe ********

Be'an Wilde ****

Arbor Vitae ******* Barnes and Noble*****

Borders Books and Music****** BlueSky*****

Grant Street Coffee**** Cabin Fever Festival******

First Night Aurora******* Sun Cafe******* Bean Counter******