"A remarkable combination of American Culture superimposed upon familiar Cornish music.  The evolution of Cornish folk music beyond the threshold over which so many are feared to tread.  A rich fusion"  (Cornish World)

My name is Jim Wearne, and I am a Cornish-American folk singer.  That is, I perform songs, stories and singalongs from and about Cornwall.  The music I perform consists mostly of traditional songs of Cornwall.  I also include some that are not traditional, but celebrate some aspect of Cornwall from a contemporary viewpoint.

For those unfamiliar with Cornwall, a bit of background:  there are six Celtic kingdoms - Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the Isle of Man, Brittany and Cornwall.   Cornwall occupies the far southwestern corner of the island of Britain (see map.)   Unlike Scotland and Wales which share Britain with England while maintaining a separate national identity, Cornwall continues to be illegally occupied by England.  Cornwall is, and should be recognized as, a separate Nation within the UK, as Scotland and Wales are.  Much is being done (peacefully) to accomplish this.

Cornwall was once a separate land with its own king.  There is a Cornish language similar to Welsh.  There are many aspects of Cornwall that to this day mark it as an entity distinct from England.

It is nearly an island.  It is a long peninsula which is cut off almost entirely from the mainland by the river Tamar at the east.  The western end of Cornwall is Land's End, with the Isles of Scilly  just off the coast.

There is much more to learn about Cornwall, and I will try to include links that will take you to many web sites that will fascinate you with the history, traditions, and living appeal of this enchanted and enchanting place.


Jim Wearne


Photo by Tom Wearne