Here and There


LIST OF TRACKS:  (Audio samples available through CDBaby - see below)

  1. Here and There –  Wearne
    The theme for the CD, It seems.  I’d like to meet the man who said we can’t be in two places at once.  I do that regularly.

  2. The Sunset Bar – Wearne
    When I’m there, I want to be here, and Vice Versa.  That’s what closing eyes is for. 
    My time at the Sunset Bar was part of my experience (of which I cherish every moment ) at Lowender Peran 06

  3. Home for Flora  –  Harry (Safari) Glasson
    Harry gave me permission to record this.  It comes very close to describing my family.  We’re from Wendron, for example.

  4. The Cornish Customs Man – Wearne  (Tune – Alan Jewell)
    A poem based on a true incident.    I read it in a book by Baring-Gould, and I don’t suppose he lied.  Alan Jewell supplied the tune.

  5.  Surprise!  You’re Cornish! –  Wearne  
    A rare (for me) Kids’ Song.  I’m accused of being gloomy about the future of the Cornish in America.  Maybe I’m more hopeful than I let on.

  6. A Curious Newlyn Disturbance – Wearne 
    Another poem (this time sung) about a true incident, from a newspaper story sent to me by Merv Davey. 

  7. We Got a Thing Goin’ On – Wearne
    (Bass – Darryl Jones.  Lead guitar – Robert Rose.  Drums – Gary Maier)

    I’m from Chicago, and if you’re from Chicago you’ve got to play the blues.  I did the Harp on this one (“Harmonica” for you squares) and on the others as well.

  8. There’s Money to be Made – Wearne
    About where I’m from, and probably a lot of other places.  Why does a family of 4 need 6 bathrooms, anyway?  
    There is probably some relevance here to the Cornish housing crisis as well.

  9. Where’s Cousin Jack?  – Wearne
    This one is a bit melancholy, about the future or lack of it for Cornish America.

  10. Pleasant and Delightful – Trad.
    A wonderful old song I heard on a CD called “Boscastle Bow-Wow” from Folktrax.

  11. Lost in Lanner – Wearne
    Another true story, starring me as the hapless tourist, and a fine Cornish fellow as my rescuer.  He’s very shy, so I won’t say his name.

  12. Song for Crofty – Roger Bryant
    Roger Bryant’s deathless hymn to the miners and what Cornwall’s lost.  But maybe it’s not the last word after all.

  13. I’ll be Seeing You – Wearne
    We’ve all lost someone who has left a larger hole in our life than we could have imagined.  Save me a seat, buddy.

  14. A Little Thing at the End



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